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CHU Caen Normandie
Bâtiment de Biologie
Avenue de la Côte de Nacre
14033 Caen Cedex 09

Operational manager
Dr Luce Dauphinot

Scientific head officer
Pr Denis Vivien

The primary analysis of your data is carried out by the core facility : demultiplexing, quality control of the sequences. For each sample, a FASTQ raw data file and a quality report are made available to the project leader. Raw data are kept for one year on Cyceron's servers.

In addition, we can perform the bioinformatic analysis of your data as we have developed dedicated bioinformatics pipelines through collaboration with the bioinformatic services at Cyceron → Contact us

Actualités / News

16/05 : Explore the world of spatial biology and 3D imaging - Blaze & MACSima Plateforms -